A spiritual podcast with micro-episodes

The Third Eye Talks podcast launched only one year ago and shot up to becoming a top 15% most followed and 10% most shared on Spotify in its first year. Now in its second year, our unique micro-episodic podcast (30 minutes or less!) is growing in popularity and can be heard anywhere you listen to podcasts. Topics include numerology, using your intuition in business, embracing change, astrology, inner child healing and so much more!

"I recently started listening to Third Eye Talks and it makes me so happy to find a podcast that aligns with me. It’s filled with useful spiritual information, motivation, and it’s not hours long! The way Naz explains certain subjects makes it easy for me to comprehend and remember. I also love astrology, therefore, I highly recommend it!"

Third Eye Talks Listener

"Thank you for you candid, knowledgable and loving conversation."

Third Eye Talks Listener

"Love how real and inviting Naz is!"

Third Eye Talks Listener

Have a special message of healing or knowledge about a topic that will help “spiritual, but not religious” people to live more aligned and fulfilling lives?

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