We’re Believe It Life Coaching, a spiritual coaching company focused on all things change and life transitions! We’re dream life co-creators who are helping the “spiritual but not religious” woman to claim her destiny.

Our mission is to take you from settling to soaring.

We have a robust list of programs and ways to work with us. Check them out below and get started on your journey!

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Register Now: From Here to HER

There are only 5 spots available for this incredible 4-class, supercharged program all about bridging the gap between where you are and where you know you want to go! Led by Certified Life & Spiritual Coach and CEO & Founder of Believe It Life Coaching, Naz De La Rosa, From Here to HER is going to help eliminate the fear that keeps you in the cycles you are so tired of repeating, and give you clarity and courage to move toward your next goal.  

Up Next Spiritual Community

Up Next is a supportive spiritual community that gives people the tools to embody their full potential and where they can learn how to use their unique gifts to create a future that feels truly aligned with them.

The Third Eye Talks Podcast

Third Eye Talks is THE podcast for the spiritual gal/guy! Our micro-podcast (30 minutes or less) covers topics like astrology, numerology, how to embrace change with open arms, how to pursue your purpose, how to use divine communication through life’s upheavals, and how to take bold risks with full faith.

The Soul Refresh Program

The Soul Refresh Program is our signature 1:1 program with Life & Spiritual Coach, Naz De La Rosa. Naz has coached hundreds of women through this impactful and revolutionary 12-week program.

Corporate Solutions

Is your company or group about to go through a major company change, acquisition, layoffs, change of leadership, etc? Don’t leave your employees to deal with the changes on their own. Hire us to help your employees understand and embrace the changes, as well as get behind what comes next. We want to help you lessen the change curve and take care of what matters most: your people! They deserve it.

Motivational Speaking

Want to make your group feel motivated and ready to embrace change? Looking for a speaker who can talk about why change happens, why it’s important and how we can master it instead of allowing it to master us? Hire us for your next engagement.


We offer journals, ebooks, and spiritual tools to help you regain your personal power, regulate your nervous system & expand your spiritual development practice.

"I have so much to to say that I don't know where to start, Naz transformed my life in an extraordinary way. I found balance, peace, self-love, wisdom, and trust in me. Thanks to Naz I am building the life I dream of, want and deserve. Thank you so much Naz. God bless you always."

AG, The Soul Refresh Client

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